January 4 Devotional

Reading: Psalm 3; Genesis 4; 1 Chronicles 4; Luke 2:1-21

Every time I read the account of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4 I wonder how the two men were taught what and when to offer to God in worship. Did God write out a pattern for them to follow? Did he remind them of how and in what manner to worship through sacrifice?

Think about it this way: God created Adam and Eve to be fruitful, multiply, and to fill the earth with godly offspring. In that way the glory of God would cover the dry land as the water covers the sea. This purpose didn’t cease at the Fall, rather it received greater obstacles. Adam and Eve would still be called to fill the earth with God glorifying children, but now their offspring are born in sin, separated from God. Adam’s call from God is intensified, now he must teach and train his children how to worship, pointing them to God’s character and promises. This same call remains true for every parent and especially every father. As we prepare to dedicate children to The Lord in worship this Sunday morning we will explore these responsibilities from Deuteronomy 6. Spend some time studying that passage this weekend and come expectantly to worship!


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