February 9 Devotional

Sunday morning in worship we’ll be looking together at Acts 9:1-22 and the transformation of Paul as we consider the necessity of a right understanding of conversion towards the building of a healthy church.
In chapters 6-7 of Acts we see Paul (then Saul) among the leaders attacking and ultimately martyring Stephen for his faith in the risen Jesus. They persecute him as a blasphemer, one who is ascribing undue glory to Jesus and robbing God of honor. Yet as we’ll see tomorrow morning the leader among the persecutors was soon to become one who was himself persecuted severely for his trust in Jesus.
Prepare your heart for worship by remembering three things:
1) What depths of sin did God save you from? What was your life like before Jesus invaded your life?
2) How marvelous is the grace of God to us in Jesus? How can your life be a public celebration of that grace?
3) God has promised us marvelous things for the future in Christ. Where are you dealing with being downcast as you struggle with holding fast to those promises?


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