March 22 Devotional

ROMANS 16:25a—“Now to Him who is able—-
ROMASN 16:27B—“To the only wise God be glory forevermore thru Jesus Christ”

As we come to the end of the Paul’s letter to the Romans, Paul ends with a doxology prayer.  This prayer sums up all that Paul has wrote about in the previous 15 plus chapters and that is what God is able to do for us and what our response to Him should be.   Search the new testament for all of the times we are told that “HE IS ABLE”.  That search will find what  Jesus half brother Jude had  discovered and proclaimed in Jude 24.  And Jude’s response was the same as Paul’s in verse 25 to give praise and glory to God.  How about you and me today—have we learned that Jesus is ABLE to satisfy all we need and do we honor him with the praise that only HE deserves—forevermore.


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