May 25 Devotional

Obadiah 1-14

The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever, the Psalmist reminds us. Obadiah has quite a lesson of God’s steadfast care for us in our reading today as well. The shortest book in the Old Testament, Obadiah is a word from the Lord concerning the evil of the Edomites (descendants for Esau) against their brothers in Israel. As the Babylonians trampled Jerusalem, rather than help the Israelites, they apprehended and handed those fleeing to their captors. What then does it tell us of God’s loving care?

Even in the midst of God-ordained difficulty, His arm is not short that it cannot save, and His ear not deaf that He cannot hear. God may be refining us in the fire of trial, but He still cares and sustains us. In the case of the Israelites God is the one who sent the Babylonians to lay siege and take them captive in response to their stiff-necked rebellion and sin. So also, whether the hardship we face is a result of our sin or the results of living in a fallen world, when encounter difficulty, God is not far from our cries and He will one day deliver us fully.


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