May 30 Devotional

Our Priceless Privilege

Psalm 149.1-4(PPVB)

1 Shout, Praise the Lord! Sing to the Him a new song with all our hearts! Sing his praise in the assembly of His followers. 2 Let all of us, His people, celebrate our Maker, our God, and our Friend; let us be joyful in our true King. 3 Let us praise His name with a chorus and choir and with a single or group dance; let us sing praises to Him with the rhythm of the tambourine and to the tune of the harp. 4 For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He did a wonderful thing for His humble people. He saved them.

The central theme of Psalm 149 is a call to participate in the greatest privilege presented to us is giving praise to the name and being of God.

We aren’t told who the author is or the circumstances of this psalm but it seems there was a threat of some kind from an outside enemy. Even in the face of this life-threatening danger, God’s people were invited to worship God for His grace in their lives. They were to bring their praises to God. This is a called of God’s people to praise Him in the midst of trouble times. Praising God puts earthly problems into the right perspective.

Praising God should never be allowed to become a unexciting duty. As long as we live we are to focus on the glory of God’s supremacy, our praise of Him is to be breath taking. Our hearts are to reach captivated joy as we see the great majesty of our glorious King. Upon seeing the beauty of God’s holiness, increasing our praise of the Lord becomes precious and loved as a prize possession. Thus, a low view of God produces a lukewarm and a wishy-washy worship. But a high view of God produces enthusiastic, zealous worship. The key is to continue a great view of God’s glory.

May we answer the call to praise given in this psalm. Come give glory to our God. Lift high our praises to His name and Being. Sing to the Lord a new song. This is our priceless privilege.


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